About us


Cobeco Pharma is a Dutch manufacturer of pharmaceutical, cosmetic, care and hygiene products with more than 25 years of expertise in the Sexual Wellness and pharmaceutical industry. The philosophy behind Cobeco Pharma is all about helping to improve the quality of life with innovative products and formulas. With products such as lubricants, cosmetics, food supplements, detergents and disinfection, the company offers a wide and varied range under its own brand names and as a private label for companies worldwide.

The company has grown into one of the largest products in the industry with a growing international customer base from more than 40 countries. The customers come from various sectors and industries, including wholesalers, distributors, web shops, drugstores and large (supermarket) chains.


Cobeco stands for

Innovation – Create new life-changing products

Quality – Provide consistent quality of the products and services

Improve Life – Contribute to a modern, healthy and fulfilling intimate lifestyle

Collaboration – Build and create together with customers and suppliers

Expertise – Be expert in our field in order to create innovative products and provide the best service

Excitement – Make life exciting and enjoyable with our products

Customer Excellence – Achieve the best results for customers with advice to their wishes and needs



Cobeco Parma produces and distributes innovative intimacy- and health products, which improve the quality of life and make it more healthier and exciting. In addition, Cobeco Pharma offers total package services to unburden companies with product development and production of private label brands.


The quality of life influences how people feel on a daily basis. Cobeco Pharma wants to positively contribute to this for an overall improvement of the modern lifestyle. We strive for an improvement of the personal and intimate care and hygiene. This ensures that people can enjoy life more, can relax and de-stress to make life more exciting and enjoyable. Ultimately positively changes the perception of life.

Cobeco Pharma also wants to support other companies that want to contribute to the quality of life with our expertise. By offering products that improve personal and intimate care and hygiene, better (sexual) health can be achieved. For this, we monitor the needs of the consumer to maintain continuous innovation and create problem solving products. This enables other companies to co-create with us for a better and exciting lifestyle.



Cobeco Pharma was founded in 1995 and has since developed into one of the largest manufacturers in the industry. At the time of its foundation, Cobeco Pharma's focus was mainly on the food supplement industry. Cobeco Pharma has concentrated on this market from the beginning of the development of nutritional supplements in the 1990s and has continued to expand this with the development of other products and various applications of nutritional supplements. The growth of the company resulted in a specialized team, with experts from different backgrounds, who have been able to realize the expansion of the range in recent years. The range grew with a variety of innovative products and other product groups were incorporated, such as cosmetic and hygiene products. Intimacy products, including personal lubricants, have also become an important focus group of Cobeco Pharma.

In recent years, Cobeco Pharma has improved its business operations in order to serve its customers better and more efficiently. With investments in new buildings and machines for production, cleaning, bottling and labeling of packaging, the entire production process was housed in-house. In January 2021, the development of Cobeco Pharma reached a new peak with the extension for the expansion of the warehouse and production. This allowed the storage and production capacity to be scaled up considerably.