Clean.Play is the maintenance brand by Cobeco Pharma. This collection delivers a complete cleaning kit for all toys and dolls. no. 1 is a gentle washing soap to wash off all dust before use and all liquids like body fluids and lubricants after use , no. 2 is a disinfectant spray – registered and antibacterial – to kill all bacteria that is still on the product after washing it, and no. 3 is a protection powder that is very essential for all masturbators as well as the sensitive areas of dolls. Beside no. 1, no. 2 and no. 3 Cobeco Pharma is also offering a Shining Spray that is suitable for all latex, leather and rubber garments to condition these materials or to make them shine again.

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Clean.Play products

 STEP 1 

Clean.Play Washing Soap (no. 1) – especially for hygienic cleaning and maintenance of your sex dolls and erotic toys.

 STEP 2 

Clean.Play Disinfect 80S (no. 2) – for an extra disinfectant cleaning of your sex dolls and erotic toys, which kills remaining bacteria.

 STEP 3 

Clean.Play Protect Powder (no. 3) – keeps masturbators, sex dolls, rubber and latex free of moisture and in good condition.


Clean.Play Shining Spray – cares for your latex, leather and rubber clothing and makes it shine again.