Privacy statement


Cobeco Pharma is active and specializes in Private Labelling and collects and stores personal data of customers to provide the best service possible. We value this information and therefore comply with the rules connected to these privacy regulations.


Our website can be visited without accepting cookies, however a small amount of data is stored for the purpose of optimizing the credibility of our website. This is equal to almost every website you might visit. The data that is collected includes: The IP address of your Internet Service Provider, the time and date of your most recent visit, the operating system you might use, the components of the website you are visiting and pages of the website you have visited. Information about the type of device you use to visit our site and the geographic location as to where you are currently located as well as the material you send to or download from the website.

What we use the data for:

  1. Approach you for sales and marketing campaigns.
  2. Keep you informed on the news related to Cobeco Pharma.
  3. Approach you about the progress of your application.

What information do we collect from you:

  1. All data that you share with us by telephone or e-mail calls.
  2. All correspondence and personal notes from Cobeco Pharma employees.

With whom do we share your data:

  1. With employees of Cobeco Pharma.

How long do we keep your data:

We keep the data as long as necessary for Cobeco Pharma’s business operations. By sharing your data with Cobeco Pharma you give us explicit permission to do so. It goes without saying that you can always withdraw this permission, see below.

How can I have my data removed:

If you would like for us to not keep track of your personal data, please send an e-mail to with the subject: ‘’Request removal of all my personal information’’. All your personal data will be removed from our database within a reasonable period of time(of max 10 working days).

Are my personal details properly secured:

Your data will be placed in a secure cloud application by a Dutch company. These servers are located within The Netherlands and the security processes are certified. Only authorized Cobeco Pharma employees have access to this cloud server trough secure access control.


Cobeco Pharma can adjust its privacy policy. The most recent version can always be found through our website: For questions and/or concerns you can always contact us trough e-mail: or call: +31 (0)10 - 290 09 91.