The CBL Cobeco Body Lube range is well-known for several things. Next to that it contains all the important products you need for a sexy night in, it is also a range that combines quality with good prices. A high quality lubricant (water based, anal or silicon), a massage oil or a toy cleaner, they can all be found in the range, against the same wonderful principle– more value for money. 

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CBL Cobeco Body Lube products

CBL Cobeco Body Lube Water-based – an intimate water-based lubricant that provides natural pleasure thanks to its unique gliding texture.

CBL Cobeco Body Lube Silicone-based – an intimate silicone based lubricant with a moisturizing effect and a distinctive gliding and silky texture.

CBL Cobeco AnalLube Water-based – an extra thick and gliding texture for more comfortable pleasure during anal pleasure.
CBL Cobeco Massage Oil Neutral – a neutral massage oil with completely natural and vegan ingredients without perfume, for maximum pleasure during relaxing massages.

CBL Lubricating GEL Fists – an extra thick and gliding gel for more erotic pleasure during intense sexual activity.
CBL Lubricating CREAM Fists – makes the skin extra supple with a soft and gliding texture and gives more comfort during intense sexual activities, for more arousing and intense pleasure.

CBL Lubricating BUTTER Fists – experience more and longer comfort during intense sexual activity, thanks to the buttery soft and thick texture with a long-lasting glide.

CBL Lubricanting SILK Fists – a water-based gel with an extra thick texture and a natural white color that simulates semen, for a masculine erotic experience.

CBL Cobeco Powder Lubricant – transforms into a sensational massage gel, for an intimate full body massage with extra intense pleasure.
CBL Cobeco Toy Cleaner – for extra hygienic cleaning of erotic toys and maintaining the quality, so that you can continue to enjoy hygienically

CBL Cobeco Toy Cleaner Foam – an easily spreadable foam for extra hygienic cleaning of erotic toys and maintaining the quality.
CBL Cobeco Toy Cleaner Lemon Foam – for extra hygienic cleaning of erotic toys and maintaining the quality, with a fresh lime scent.