Cobeco Pharma brings natural ingredients and sustainable packaging with the release of their new brand Cobeco Bio. This eco-friendly collection presents three essential products to enhance the natural and sustainable lifestyle of the eco-conscious consumer. The Cobeco Bio collection includes a natural intimate lubricant, natural massage oil and an organic toy cleaner. These products are developed with full deliberation and precision: from natural ingredients to sustainable packaging, with recycled and recyclable materials and special labels with CleanFlake™ technology.

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Cobeco Bio products

Cobeco Bio Natural Massage Oil – a neutral massage oil with completely natural and vegan ingredients without perfume, for a wonderful massage that you can enjoy carefree.

Cobeco Bio Natural Lubricant – with 100% natural and vegan ingredients* that are gentle on the skin and contains no synthetic fragrances, colors or flavors.

*BDiH certified as 100% natural

Cobeco Bio Organic Toycleaner – for a natural and thorough cleaning of your erotic toys, with more than 97% natural ingredients.