When Cobeco first launched their MALE range, their purpose for this range was very clear. The goal was to create a complete line of lubricants for men of all ages, ethnic backgrounds and sexual preferences. Therefore, when the line originally launched, the range consisted out of different types of special lubricants, that could be used for different purposes and different sexy situations. 

Today, the MALE range consists out of 20 different products, each of them having their own special superpower, but all of them with the recognizable masculine appearance and the same philosophy to answer to everybody despite differences in backgrounds, ages or sexual preferences. Especially in these times. 

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MALE Cobeco products

MALE Cobeco Lubricant Water-based – an intimate water-based lubricant that provides natural pleasure thanks to its unique gliding texture.

MALE Cobeco Lubricant Silicone-based – an intimate silicone-based lubricant with a moisturizing effect and a distinctive gliding and silky texture.

MALE Cobeco Anal Lubricant – an extra thick and gliding texture for more comfortable pleasure during anal pleasure.
MALE Cobeco Anal Relax Lubricant – this water-based lubricant has a slightly cooling effect with a thick and gliding texture, so you experience more relaxation and sensational anal pleasure.

MALE Cobeco Warm Lubricant – with a warming effect that stimulates the most sensitive parts of the body, for wonderfully exciting pleasure.
MALE Cobeco White Lubricant – a water-based gel with a natural white color that simulates semen, for an intensely erotic experience.

MALE Cobeco Hybrid 2-in-1 – a 2-in-1 intimate water-based lubricant with unique integrated silicone properties, to be used as a massage gel and lubricant, for a sensational happy ending.
MALE Cobeco Lubricant Extra Thick – an extra thick and gliding gel for more erotic pleasure during intense sexual activity.

MALE Cobeco Butter Lubricant – experience more and longer comfort during intense sexual activity, thanks to the buttery soft and thick texture with a long-lasting glide.
MALE Cobeco Powder Lubricant – transforms into a sensational massage gel, for an intimate full body massage with extra intense pleasure.

MALE Cobeco Delay Spray – the refreshing and nourishing effect helps to delay the orgasm and allows you to enjoy the moment more intensely and for longer.

MALE Cobeco Delay Spray Cooling – a refreshing effect for a cooling sensation on the penis and helps delay orgasm for more sexual pleasure.

MALE Cobeco Wipes Delay – thanks to the slightly cooling effect, these wipes help delay the orgasm and are always well prepared for a long and exciting adventure.
MALE Cobeco Get Hard Sachets – this nourishing cream in easy-to-carry sachets gives your erection the power for intense and long-lasting pleasure.

MALE Cobeco Talcum Maintenance Powder – keeps masturbators, sex dolls, rubber and latex free of moisture and in good condition.