Quality control

At Cobeco Pharma we stand for quality. We put all the effort needed in it, to make sure that our products, ingredients and packaging meet the most stringent requirements. To be able to guarantee this, Cobeco Pharma has a quality control department that is checking every quality procedure and assures all requirements meet our quality standards for developing food supplements, cosmetic products and medical devices and packaging to be brought to market in European and outside. Beside this, Cobeco Pharma is a member of various associations and is working according quality assurance system principles.


Natuur & gezondheidsproducten Nederland (NPN)

Cobeco Pharma is a member of the Dutch trade organisation Natuur & gezondheidsproducten Nederland (NPN). This organisation and its affiliates stand for the promotion of quality and safety in the field of food supplements.

Nederlandse Cosmetica Vereniging (NCV)

Cobeco Pharma is a member of the Dutch Cosmetics Assosiation called Nederlandse Cosmetica Vereniging (NCV). The NCV is the official trade organization of manufacturers and importers of cosmetics.


Keuringsraad – KOAG KAG

The Dutch Inspection Board, on behalf of the Foundations (KOAG) and (KAG), supervises public advertising of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry



Cobeco Pharma is a member of SEDEX, a non-profit membership organisation dedicated to create improvement in responsible and ethical business practices in global supply chains.